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For the past 6 years or so , whenever I find myself “my time” I have been doing an activity that was of an interest to me , which is to find the best price of an item which could be electronics like laptops,mobiles,iPhones,dresses,etc,..and they buy or advise friends to buy.

Every single penny I earn is hard earned and I don’t want to spend money on something blindly not realising the exact same item is available somewhere much cheaper sometimes like at half price.The above sentence applies to each and every one of you too.You all work hard for your money and so why should you waste it not knowing you could save it smile emoticon

I felt pain when elderly people got conned by salesmen by being sold something which is 20-30% markup over prices and those elderly men/women just believe whatever being told to them.
Sometimes I intervened if those people are losing something which they earned by working hard by proposing to buy it somewhere they can find it much cheaper and have been successful too.I dint get any monetary benefit but I found much valuable satisfaction that I was able to help those guys.But sometimes it is awkward too when they don’t listen and pay up and get the item for the price whatever the salesman offered them.
So what i have been doing 1 to 1 by offering guidance to people who come to me for checking, I will now be doing it as a service through my page below.

You can save your hard earned money by doing nothing special.You will take taxis, you will do grocery shopping, you will go to cinemas,etc.A simple research will save you a lot of money.
Please note this am doing it as a hobby whenever I get time.This is just starting and may be if I get time I will build this up much better and easier to use.

If you are buying some items that costs more than $500 or so and if you got time to wait before buying it , you can contact me through the page for advise.After all, the $25 or $50 dollars you save after enough research , you can use it for your kids for some other stuff or donate to charity or use it however you want.
Don’t catch my neck if you don’t get reply in 2 or 3 days smile emoticon Whenever I get time, I will do this but if urgent , let me know and I will see if I can find time to provide the advise.
So here is our page ozwiki.com.au

If you want advise on your purchase decision please reach out to us for suggestions

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